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Jay´kuhb; Heb., “heel grabber” [Gen 25:26] or “supplanter” [Gen 27:36]

1 An OT patriarch. He is the brother of Esau, the son of Isaac and Rebekah, the father of Dinah and of twelve sons, whose names are those of tribes. Jacob’s own name was changed to Israel (Gen 32:28; Gen 35:10). Like Abraham and Isaac, Jacob is the recipient of the divine promise of land and plentiful progeny (Gen 28:13-15). Divine manifestations are made to Jacob (Gen 28:10-22; Gen 32:3-22) despite the fact that he engages in deception (Gen 27). Jacob’s death and burial are described in (Gen 49:28-50:14). 2 The father of Joseph, the husband of Mary (Matt 1:15-16).